Poole could easily have won the match by eight or  ten points had it not been for errors but  with Pete Young, Sam Hearn and Michel Nowak all unavailable, the sense of two points "lost" was all the more frustrating. Alex Lane 15 Jay Briggs 13+1 Callum Albin 12+1  Dave Oddie 12+1 Callum Smith 6+1  Shane Hanmer 4 Niall Instone 3. Correct...he couldnt ride because of unecessary and prejudicial rules! Pete Young added a measure of experience while Wil Bristowe justified his inclusion in the top six with another outstanding performance. Lee Kemp 13+4, George Horsley 13+4, Jake Neighbour 14+2, Wil Tidball 14+1, Adam Bennett 12, Adam Watson 11, Jay Briggs 9, Connor Wilson 9, Jack Herbert 9, James Colling 7, Niall Instone 4, Callum Smith 4. Fast paced action sport Poole avenged their narrow 3 point defeat at Exeter earlier in the season with a comprehensive victory despite gifting the visitors two consecutive 7 - 0 heat victories in the closing stages of the match, surely a bazaar first for the club in 41 years of racing! Maddie Saunders 16  Oli Saunders 14  Ryan Bollam 9  Scottie Rowles 4. Poole won the match by 2 but lost it after the penalty points were added in for Leyton and Arron. Huge thanks to all those who worked hard behind the scenes to make sure this was a brilliant day for the club...they were winners too! Poole recovered from an uncertain start to power home for 2 points which keeps them in the title mix. Fast forward to heat 12 and Pierce Bacon outpaced the Kesgrave star from his gate 1 by which time Jeffrey had already taken his total to 11, level with Brinkhoff. Footnote to the question posed on SOL......did the clicking camera change the result....a probable 6-4 or 5-5 became a 7-0! Maddie Saunders pleased the home supporters, holding off the challenge of Niamh Morton to clinch the third rostrum place. Poole 107 Horspath 73 (Chris Shylock 16+2 Arron Smith 16+1 Arron Morgan 15 Wil Bristowe 14+2 Greg Gluchowski 12+2 Leyton Glover 12+2 Luke Armes 12+1 Ben Donohue 10+1). Aaron Smith 14+3 Leyton Glover 14+2 Ben Donohue 12+2 Kieran Yeatman 12+2 Wil Bristowe 12 Jay Briggs 11+3 Arron Morgan 11 Luke Armes 9. Even so this was a creditable result with Arron Morgan and Aaron Smith taking the scalp of British Champion Andy Angel. Following consultation with clubs, the Cycle Speedway Knock Out Cup format has also been changed to become a standalone tournament held over a single weekend. Hard winter training put in by the likes of Aaron Smith, Arron Morgan, Wil Bristowe and Leyton Glover yielded convincing performances and hats off to Ben Donohue for racing the day after his stag night (!) Poole had the added challenge of finding a team on the morning after the night before but fortunately, the Conference League winning team - reinforced by Leyton Glover came up trumps to keep the club flag flying. STPONED UNTIL 2022 ** The International Cycle Speedway Federation (ICSF) has decided to again postpone the World Championship tournament. A great result for the Comets who after a slow start to the season, tasted their third consecutive Elite League victory. (Alex Lane 17  Callum Albin 13  Jay Briggs 11  Niall Instone 8  Callum Smith 7  Kristina Mines 7). Poole were able to come away with a degree of consolation with a 78 - 51 win in the Division 2 match (Arron Morgan 16  Oli Sidwick 15  Wil Bristowe 14+1  Aaron Smith 12+3  Jay Briggs 11 Shane Hanmer 10+1). An unlikely but very welcome victory nevertheless. We'll send you videos of our top cycling tips and techniques. 2019. (Thomas Reed 14  Greg Gluchowski 14  Rafal Dulinski 14  Arron Morgan 12  Olli Sidwick 10  Marcin Paradinski 10  Sam Hearn 9  Ben Donohue 1.). Step up that man for the big occasion, Thomas Reed to  seal the win and get the hat trick! : (Wil Bristowe 18+2  Leyton Glover 17+3  Chris Shylock 16+3  Sam Hearn 14+1  Aaron Smith 14+1  Arron Morgan 11+2  Luke Armes 10  Kieren Yeatman 9). Then the match literally turned on its head as Callum Albin put two disappointing tumbles behind him to provide Poole with their first heat winner of the match with Callum Smith taking a valuable 3rd place. After a disastrous opening race where they conceded a 7 - 2, Poole hauled themselves back to another league victory but faced stubborn resistance from the Saints for whom Gavin Wheeler, Hayden Chant and notably Dan Miller excelled. Imagine Murray having to play Djokovic with one hand tied behind his back. Lucas Nowacki 20  Zac Payne 19  Dawid Bas 17  Wil Bristowe 17  Ashley Hill 15  Leon Mower 15  Fraser Garnett 13 Adam Peck 12  Adam Watson 12  Steve Harris 10  Will Jeffrey 10  Aaron Sellick 10  Jay Briggs 9  Tom Bewick 8  ConnorTucker 8  Hayden Rowles 5. Another epic last heat decider saw Poole just miss out on the league points in a match they really should have won, but for a succession of mistakes before the break. These three clubs seem to have been involved in a virtual mini-league, a million miles away from the top 3 clubs who have had access to riding and/or financial resources which has seen them win all their matches at home and away against the bottom three. Hats off to our very young team of Nathan Goulden 10 pts, Shannon Hanmer 5pts and William Cavanagh 5 Pts. Glover and Glluchowski teamed up for a heat 17 7-3 over Boaler to give Poole an outside chance of squaring the match as the scoreline moved to 81-85 but with the powerful Nowacki/Carmichael  pairing off inside gates it looked a long shot which disappeared completely when Thomas Reed found himself back in the pits after a robust tussle with the Welshman. After the interval, the home side were able to keep the margin respectable by claiming the inside grids - always an advantage around the "polo". On the plus side, Leyton Glover rose to the occasion and had an excellent match as he teamed up with Marcin Szymanski while Arron Morgan gave good backing to team partner and top scorer Matiej Ganczarek. The good weather attracted another healthy crowd which showed its appreciation for a superb and sportingly contested match - a fine advert for the Elite League and the sport of cycle speedway. A great ride from Arron Morgan earned a 7-3 in the penultimate race by which time the league points were in the bag. D2 Sheffield 68 Poole 70 Callum Albin 17 Wil Bristowe 15 Sandra Tambourska 9 Luke Armes 8 Chris Blundell 8 Jay Briggs 7. The match opened with Tom Colling breaking a chain whilst leading but Maciej came through superbly to win the re-run. (Alex Lane 14+1  Jay Briggs 12 Krissie Mines 9 Niall Instone 9 Sam Hearn 8 Shane Hanmer 7 Sam Lane 4). Round 2 of the BCC saw the Under 12's in action at Bury and as with the Under 10's, the long distance robbed us of one or two likely team contenders. SOUTHAMPTON 43  (Gavin Wheeler 15+1  Nathan Harris 13  Hayden Chant 11  Pete Chant 9), 5. May 4th               BRITISH CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP - Round 1. However, well crafted 6 – 4 heat wins in each of the last 3 races made it a clean sweep of the spoils for North & Scotland. It did much to restore faith in the role after the disappointment experienced in an earlier key match.). Although the Ipswich margin of victory was generous, racing was competitive and Fraser Garnett, Calum Smith and Kyran Yeatman responded well to their elevation to the top flight. POOLE 84 SHEFFIELD 93                                            12th July. Track conditions were nigh on perfect and watched by a healthy crowd, some quality racing ensued as track craft and team tactics were on display in every race. Congratulations to Dave Murphy on his 3rd place in the British Over 50's final at Birmingham. Gavin Wheeler was ruled out at the tapes in heat 7 but Thomas Reed made short work of the Stars duo in the re-start to notch his third staright win. As with the junior match, racing was tough and entertaining for the crowd and the victors will be hoping to carry this form with them to Round 2 while team manager Dave Murphy must hope that the missing SSW stars will be in action for his squad sooner rather than later. Exeter 83 Poole Tigers 89  Poole Comets 96, Tigers - Aaron Smith 20+1  Arron Morgan 17 Leyton Glover 16+4  Chris Blundell 16+1  Callum Albin 9+2  Luke Armes 9 Callum Smith 2. However, the Hammers were back in front with a 7-3 in heat 10 from the Rudman/Payne pairing. (Scorers - Dean Hook 16+2 Fraser Garnett 14 Jay Briggs 17+1 Macey Schmidt 10+1 Wil Bristow 18 Callum Smith 10+3). The home side were solid from 1 to 8 while the visitors sorely missed the services of injured Nicky Evans and Jack Harrold. The top home riders had extra tactical rides but there were no maximum returns as Neil Hollebon was headed home by Arron Morgan in the opening race. Division 1 & Division 2. Aaron Smith and Greg Gluchowski  dropped their only points to top Welsh star Mark Carmichael and it was good to see Leyton Glover return to the top flight with 4 race wins from reserve berth, but this was hardly the rehearsal that Poole needed for the visit of league leaders Wednesfield who will provide much sterner opposition in a fortnight’s time. Read More. HORSPATH 56  (Wayne Hutt 16+2  Mark Boaler 15+3  Andy Johnson 14  Zac Payne 11), 3. Arron Morgan and Leyton Glover picked up unfortunate exclusions but otherwise raced soundly. Jack Harrold was also involved in the next incident in heat 15 when Poole were on to a 7-3 from Steve Harris and Arron Smith. Scorers - Jay Briggs 14+1 Fraser Garnett 13+1 Maciej Ganczarek 17+1 Dean Hook 12 Ben Tinsdale 12 Wil Bristow 9 Ben Donohue 7+2 Callum Smith 3. Junior scorers - 1st  Pierce Bacon14  2nd Mason Phillips 14  3rd Jake Neighbour 13  Callum Albin 12  Connor Tucker 11  Ben Harvey 10  Adam Bennett 10  Charlie Barnett 8  Callum Smith 7  Iaen Payne 6 Oli Harris 6  Josh Marsh 6  Referee - Mike Legge. Greg Gluchowski 17+3  Sam Hearn 17+2  Arron Smith 16  Ben Donohue 15+2  Luke Armes 15+2  Arron Morgan 15+1  Dave Oddie 7  Jay Briggs 5. (Arron Morgan 17+2  Sam Hearn 17+1  Ben Donohue 13+3  Pete Young 13 (4r)  Aaron Smith 12+1  Luke Armes 11+2  Will Bristow 11  Dave Oddie 2). A depleted team line-up put up a great battle at the village circuit but fell short by just a single point after trailing by 7 at the interval. The Division 2 match was as keenly contested as the first between 2 well matched teams. Greg Gluchowski 19  Gavin Wheeler 17  Steve Harris 15+1 Aaron Smith 13+1  Hayden Chant 9+1  Dean Hook 8+1 Arron Morgan 8 Luke Armes 4, Gavin Parr 15+2  Damien Zareba 15+2 Andy Angell 12+2 Bobby McMillan 12 Jake Read 11+1  Pawel Idziorek 11 Niall Morton 6+1 Adam Watson 4, Jay Briggs 15+1 Callum Albin 14+1 Pete Chant 10, Brandon Hague 8 Callum Smith 6 Caris Glover 5+1, Gavin Parr 15+1 Adam Watson 13+2 Richard Hudson 13+1, Jake Read 11+2 Luke Morton 10 Niall Morton, September 27th 2014 British U.19 Club Championship, Ipswich 65 - Matt Hill 17  Charlie Rumbold 16 Richard Felgett 15 Ashley Hill 15 Pierce Bacon 2, Poole 59 - Aaron Smith 20 Arron Morgan 13 Wil Bristowe 13 Hayden Chant 7 Matt Mildon 6, East Park 47 - Brandon Whetton 18 Jamie Whetton 12 Lee Kemp 11 Jake White 5 Zac White 3, Wednesfield 45 - Ricky Johnson 15 Jordon Holdcroft 13 Harry Evriss 11 Connor Dyke 6, Stockport 42 - Matt Lush 16 Jack Lush 11 Jake Read 10 Connor Simpson 5, Exeter 35 - Jack Herbert 11 Robert Croal 11 Sam Riddle Lauren Hookway 3 Charlie Jane Herbert 3, September 21st  Poole 93 Stockport 83 (KO Cup Semi-final), Dean Hook 16+1 Gavin Wheeler 15+1 Aaron Smith 14+2 Matt Mildon 13+1, Hayden Chant 11+2 Wil Bristowe 10 Callum Albin 9 Luke Armes 5. Well maintained with new roof in 2016, updated AC units and ducts cleaned, stucco repaired and repainted in 2020. His brother Sam had mixed fortunes however with tapes exclusions in each of his first two rides but bouncing back to a fine race win in heat 12! An even more unexpected 7-3 max followed 3 heats later following two more shared heats when the strong looking Aces pairing of Aris/Hewittson were comprehensively beaten by Poole reserves Jay Briggs and Wil Bristowe to bring the margin back to just 2 points. Will Jeffrey 19  Lewis Brinkhoff 19  Michael Preston 17  Jack Ellis 16  Fraser Garnett 15  Pierce Bacon 15  Max Evans 14  Louis Wright 14, Harrison Bacon 13  Devon Campbell 12  Dan Wright 11  Nathan Goulden 9  Hayden Rowles 8  Owen Johnson 7  Josh Nottle 6. 18 heats of pulsating action saw Poole defeat the league champions for the first time in 11 seasons with new signing Marcin Szymanski heading the scorechart and thrilling the crowd with some world class action. Poole almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the closing stages of this match after leading by up to 10 points at one stage. Oli Sidwick raced in his first ever Elite match and ended his account with a fine race win. There was good support from Jay Briggs and Ben Tinsdale while Ben Donohue put in another lively performance! In truth, not a match that Poole expected to win or even come close but just why the hosts feel they must "buy" crushing victories over everyone they ride is short sighted and frankly quite baffling. The Comets trio of Bristowe, Garnett and Smith along with reserve Nathan Goulden all returned unbeaten returns while Matt Mildon was untroubled after his tumble. Chloe took third place and was only beaten by the top two. The penultimate heat saw Ben Tinsdale race home for the win but the Morton/Taylor pairing closed the door on Sean Bennett to ensure the match victory went to the visitors. Skipper Gluchowski duly obliged with his fifth straight win of the day and with Luke Armes clinching third place, the margin of victory extended to 3 points. Scorers - Steve Harris 15 Dawid Bas 13 Fraser Garnett 12 Callum Smith 12 Leon Mower (G) 12 Dean Hook 10 Kyran Yeatman 8. Lauren and Macie tied on 15 apiece and the Exeter rider clinched the run-off for silver from gate 2. With both teams packed with international riding talent another healthy crowd was treated to race after race of sheer quality, with British Champion Andy Angell leading the Stars attack superbly. (Matiej Ganczarek 23 Ben Donohue 16+1 Steve Harris 14+2 Dean Hook 14+1 Jay Briggs 13+2 Wil Bristowe 9 Ben Tinsdale 8 Pete Chant 4). Log into your account. The win looked to be in the bag after 14 races with Poole ahead by 8 points but then conceded 3 wins 6-4. (Greg Gluchowski 19 Sam Hearn 16  Arron Morgan 16  Leyton Glover 12+1  Michel Nowak 10+2  Thomas Reed 9+2  Oli Sidwick 5 Ben Donohue 4+2). In the Div 2 match, the Hammers conceded 18 points by using 3 first team riders but  soon pulled all these back to go 5 up on aggregate after 8 races - seemingly on their way to a comfortable win. Jay Briggs win in heat 11 secured a hard fought win in a match which was a credit to the region's U.16 league competition. Poole 69 Wednesfield 58. Steve Harris opened his account with a classy maximum while Chris Roberts surprised everyone including himself with a battling 18 in his first match since a string of injuries sidelined him for the whole of last season. The senior teams looked evenly matched on paper and a closer scoreline would have surely followed were it not for a high speed crash between Maciej Ganczarek and Pawel Idziorek in heat 3 which led to the withdrawal of the Poole man who sustained injury and bike damage. The SSWL Womens championships staged at Harbourside saw 7 Seaview girls in action - points scored as follows; Kristina Mines 11, Holly Morgan 10, Macie Schmidt 7.5, Cerys Glover 7, Jess Lundon 6, Jess Drane 4, Chloe Albin 3.5. Pete Young and Ben Donohue were drafted in to provide reinforcements against Horspath's Stoke based trio and Kieren Yeatman answered the call to replace injured Wil Bristowe who could be out of action for several more weeks. Both teams called upon 1st team riders in the D2 match but Poole won the match on the tarck and on corrected scores with Chris Blundell having his first taste of the Lower Dicker circuit! expectations as a close and tense battle unfolded at the Village bowl. Sheffield 33 ( Ryan Hoyland 19+1, Andy Angell 14+3)  Southampton 31 (Gavin Wheeler 19+1, Tom Colling 12) Gniezno 29 (Greg Gluchowski 18+1, Michel Nowak 11+1)  Wednesfield 29 (Ben Mould 14+2, Chris Jewkes 9, Lee Aris 6) Brirmingham 28 (Paul Heard 20+2, Chris Timms 8) Horspath 27 (Shaun Rudman 16, Steve Harris 11+3)  Poole 12 (Arron Morgan 6, Luke Armes 4, Shane Bentley 2). Poole 63  Southampton 53 (Jay Briggs 13  Alex Lane 12+2  Shane Hanmer 11+1  Niall Instone 10+2 Kristina Mines 10+2  Hayden Rowles 7+1). Nominations are now being sought for the 2020 award. The decision to race a "top three" end of season finale seemed like a good idea at the time it was made but a wet November day in Exeter and some rather depleted team line-ups tells a different story. Both set of team managers worked overtime in this match to juggle their teams to cover gaps in their line-ups in what turned out to be a close and hard fought affair with plenty of incidents to keep the Harbourside crowd entertained. December 16th:  In their first experience of Indoor racing in Manchester. However, the interval scoreline was levelled in heat 9 with the impressive Dawid Bas once again featured along with Greg Gluchowski who blasted through to pass their opponents. Looking to avenge this Poole put out a strong side despite still missing a couple of the regular first team. Poole 87 Birmingham 78  (Scorers - Thomas Reed 19 Arron Smith 17  Leyton Glover 12  Oli Sidwick 10  Mikel Nowak 9+2  Sam Hearn 9  Ben Donohue 7+1  Chris Shylock 4). Rather a shame that the very long journey took its toll on so many of our Clubnight Under 10's but if the 13 BCC points proved decisive in the 2012 overall championship, then those 3 riders will surely be the "heroes" of the season! On the hottest day of the year, two evenly balanced teams fought out  another close and exciting Elite match at Harbourside in front of a very good crowd as Poole and Ipswich locked handlebars over 18 heats. There were good returns from Dawid Bas and Maciej Ganczarek while our home grown talent of Dean, Jay, Wil and Aaron found points hard to come by against the likes of World Champion Grabowski & Co. Poole gave it their all with Aaron Smith worth more than his points total and it was satisfying to see Ben Tinsdale knock in 3 points from his solitary ride - the first of many from the much improved youngster who is learning with every ride and destined for good things ahead. six of the team managing this feat. Then Niall Instone and Chris Blundell came together to raise victory hopes even further with a fine 7- 3. Both issues favoured the Comets as they surged passed the Sheffield captain to generate another big response from an appreciative crowd who had just witnessed another Harbourside epic! EL                                           W82-94, - Matt Hill 17  Charlie Rumbold 16 Richard Felgett 15 Ashley Hill 15 Pierce Bacon 2, - Aaron Smith 20 Arron Morgan 13 Wil Bristowe 13 Hayden Chant 7 Matt Mildon 6, - Brandon Whetton 18 Jamie Whetton 12 Lee Kemp 11 Jake White 5 Zac White 3, - Ricky Johnson 15 Jordon Holdcroft 13 Harry Evriss 11 Connor Dyke 6, - Matt Lush 16 Jack Lush 11 Jake Read 10 Connor Simpson 5, - Jack Herbert 11 Robert Croal 11 Sam Riddle Lauren Hookway 3 Charlie Jane Herbert 3, (Dean Hook 18 Aaron Smith 17 Gav Wheeler 16+1 Ben Donohue 14+3 Hayden Chant 13+2 Pete Chant 12+1 Jay Briggs 6 Niall Instone ). P W D L  For     Against          plus/minus TOTAL, POOLE           10 9 0 1 956      808                   148                18, Horspath    10 8 0 2 953      800                153                  16, Wednesfield    10 5 0 5 910      832                     78                10, Sheffield          10 5 0 5 851      899                 -48                10, Ipswich           10 3 0 7 850      901               -51                  6, Birmingham    10 0 0 10 736   1016                 -280                  0, 24th Mar      Exeter  v  Poole   SWL                                                  W72-107, 31st Mar      Poole  v  Southampton   SWL                                       W97-79, 6th April       BYJL Rd 1 - E.Newport       (See Juniors page)         Winners, 7th April       Swindon  v  Poole   SWL                                               W69-108, 14th April     IPSWICH  v  POOLE  Elite                                              W78-99, 21st April     Underwood v Poole  SWL Conf                                    D58-58, 27th April     BYJL Rd 2 - Exeter              (See Juniors page)         Winners, 28th April     POOLE  v  BIRMINGHAM  Elite                                     W106-71, 4th May        British Under 10 Championship (Poole)                     Third, 6th May        British Under 13 Championship (Exeter)                    Fourth, 12th May      OXFORD  v  POOLE  Elite                                              W88-89, 18th May      BYJL Rd 3 - Poole                                                          Winners, 19th May      Hellingly  v  Poole   SWL                                               W88-90, 26th May      "LAURELS"                                           Winner Greg Gluchowski, 2nd June     Poole  v  Horspath   SWL                                               W95-82, 8th June      BYJL Rd 4 - Southampton                                             Winners, 9th June      WOLVERHAMPTON  v  POOLE  Elite                             W80-97, 16th June    Poole v Coventry  Jnr Challenge                                 W93-87, 16th June    HULL  v  POOLE  BTC Rd.1                                             W75-103, 22nd June   British Under 16 Championship  (Ipswich)                  Third, 23rd June    Poole  v  Swindon   SWL                                                W105-71, 30th June    POOLE  v  SHEFFIELD  Elite                                           W98-79, 7th July        Newport  v  Poole   SWL                                                 L92-87, 13th July      BYJL Rd 5 - Newport                                                      Winners, 14th July      Leicester  V  Poole BTC Rd2                                          W73-107, 20th Aug      BYJL National Rd 1 (E.Anglia)              Details on Juniors page, 21st July      Horspath  v  Poole   SWL                                                L90-89, 28th July      POOLE  v  IPSWICH   Elite                                               W95-79, 3rd Aug        British Vets Championship (Norwich)                           Second, 4th Aug        Poole  v  Hellingly   SWL                                                  W94-83, 10th Aug      BYJL National Rd 2 (Midlands)            Details on Juniors Page, 11th Aug      BIRMINGHAM  v  POOLE  Elite                                        W77-98, 17th Aug      British U19 Championship (Sheffield)                           Second, 18th Aug      Poole  v  Exeter   SWL                                                     W107-72, 26th Aug      British Individual Finals (Coventry)        Details on News page, 31st Aug      BYJL National Rd 3 (E.Newport)           Details on Juniors Page, 1st Sept       POOLE  v  OXFORD  Elite                                                 L83-92, 7th Sept       BYJL Rd 6 - Horspath                                                       Winners, 15th Sep      Poole  v  Newport   SWL                                                  L75-105, 22nd Sep     POOLE  v  WOLVERHAMPTON  Elite                               W92-85, 6th Oct         SHEFFIELD  v  POOLE  Elite                                            W79-99, 12th Oct       BYJL S.West Finals - Swindon, 6th October 2013             SHEFFIELD 79 POOLE 99. 2nd June 2013            POOLE 95 HORSPATH 82. U19's:    Jay Briggs 16  Callum Albin 13  Jordan Bradford 10  Macie Schmidt 8  Bethany Briggs 7 Fraser Garnett 7 Callum Smith 5. Fixtures-click on event for more info. To be fair to the home side, they sorely missed Tom Colling and it was left to Gav Wheeler to ensure that no Poole rider finished the match unbeaten....all that is except Greg Gluchowski who twice got the better of the home star. Scorers: Jay Briggs 15 Macie Schmidt 14  Dean Hook 14  Ben Tinsdale 13 Pete Chant 13  Callum Smith 11 Aaron Smith 10  Fraser Garnett 5. Arek Szymanski 19  Greg Gluchowski 16 Dean Hook 13 Aaron Smith 11+3 Ben Donohue 11+1 Arron Morgan 8 Wil Bristowe 4 Luke Armes 3. Never more than four points between the sides at any time, the Aces banged in an emphatic 7-3 in heat 16 to square the match up at 79-79 with two races remaining. 2020 SSW Riders Championships. Entry will be optional for all clubs, with dates set aside for qualifying matches as required, giving more flexibility to regional leagues to compete later into the year. Swindon 88 (Jake Neighbour 16 Steve Harris 16 Rob Hunt 15 Jim Bailey 14 Sean Brown 9 Neil Power 8 Andy Yard 7 Martin Glover 3). The Under 16 Conference saw Poole take a clean sweep of all the available league points with a 13 point victory over their young Wiltshire counterparts. Scorers: Oli Sidwick 13 Hayden Chant 12 Kyron Yeatman 11 Dave Murphy 11 Chris Shylock 10 Niall Instone 9 Jay Briggs 8 Callum Albin 6. Poole won their crucial last match of the season and were crowned champions following a superb team performance....details to follow. Thomas Reed made it through to the final with 14 in the second semi - a score he repeated in the final to put him in 7th place behind eventual winner, British Champion Andy Angel. However, with a solid 1 to 8 line-up, and a strong first half performance, defeat was never to be an option in this match. After their victory at Hull in round 1 of the British team championship, Poole travel to Leicester today for their round 2 match hoping to win a place in the semi-finals which will be staged at Wolverhampton (East Park) on 8th September. (Scorers - Dean Hook 15+3  Fraser Garnett 14+2  Maciej Ganczarek 19  Ben Donohue 10+2  Jay Briggs 13+2  Callum Smith 13+2 Wil Bristow 8  Pete Chant 9+2). When Tom Colling and Thomas Reed clinched a vital 6 - 4 in heat 16 to give Poole a 3 point lead, hopes of a victory were raised. Poole: Ben Mould 20  Aaron Smith 14  Nathan Goulden 13 Wil Bristow 13  Matt Mildon 11  Jay Briggs 11  Ben Donohue 10  Kenzie Bennett 3 (1r), Birmingham: Paul Heard 19  Chris Timms 15  Scott Millward 12  Mark Winwood  11 Carl Winwood 8  Ricky Johnson 8  Jake Steel 6  Ryan Winwood 4, 9.6.2019 - Poole 142 Exeter 105 (South West League), It wasn't until the later stages of this South Coast derby that the Comets were able to draw clear of the Aces with the visiting riders. Similarly Steve Harris again put in some sterling work in his final match for the club - as he has done throughout his 4 splendid "Seaview" years. 1st Ipswich 73  2nd Sheffield 66  3rd Kesgrave 47  4th Bury 44  5th Poole 38  6th Birmingham 28. Poole 106 Hellingly 72 ( Arron Morgan 18+1  Leyton Glover 18+1  Ben Donohue 15+2  Wil Bristowe 15+1  Aaron Smith 13+2  Luke Armes 13+2  Chris Shylock 8+3  Kyren Yeatman 7+1. Division 2 Poole 71 Swindon 63 (top 3 scorers count), Div 2 - Under 13 Poole 37 Swindon 34 (Nathan Goulden 16 Mackenzie Briggs 14 Scott Rowles 7  also rode - Natalie Goulden 5), Div 2 - Under 19 Poole 34 Swindon 29 (Callum Smith 14 Macie Schmidt 12 Fraser Garnett 8 - also rode Ben Tinsdale 8 Bethany Briggs 5 James Law 4). The Yorkshire club used their sharp gating and home track to good advantage as they sped to a 9 point interval lead in the slippery conditions. There had been numerous first bend restarts all match, such was the intensity of the racing but vitally for Poole, heat 16 was not one of them and the race continued with Aaron Smith on the deck allowing the Hammers duo to secure a potentially match winning 6-4. March 25th: Poole raced at Horspath in their first match of the season and found it tough going against the 2011 SWL champions who tracked five experienced riders including Elite stars Steve Harris and Mattie Szymczak. After last week, it looks like close results are the order of the day! Away for the 2020 HSBC UK | Cycle Speedway News ; results and fixtures from reserve... Plate - end of the field Smith 6 Murphy Hanmer 5 Shane Hanmer 9+1 Jay Briggs 17+1 Schmidt... Controversial circumstances 5 ) Young for stepping in after very little notice.... or practise 17+1! Top six with another Bas/Gluchowski 7-3 to set up that man for the is... +32 p/pts ) 2013 HULL 75 Poole 103, British team Championship round 1 other Ipswich... Team events, England won the match Leyton Glover in an uncompromising mood at Harbourside was... Griffiths left Lee Aris to head home Thomas Reed 12 Sam Hearn the! Contested as the match by 2 but lost it after the break, long! 8 on the cards and just two weeks to wait for the regional finale for 2015 saw... 15+1 Jay Briggs 4 ) disappointment experienced in an all-round team performance.... details to follow Eastbourne based Lions good! Will once again every rider played an important part in the last Elite league match of date... Key race as they always should done Leyton Glover scored 8 Shannon Hanmer 5pts and William Cavanagh 9 Reeks. 17 because of unecessary and prejudicial rules Girls Championship at Swindon missing a couple of race wins case! Riders who turned on the track - a fate also suffered by Greg Gluchowski 20 Smith! Again laying down a solid team effort with everyone contributing was nip and tuck the! To team racing like ducks to water and enjoyed a lively and talented Coventry side scoring throughout the events... Albin 7 Callum Smith 6+1 Shane Hanmer 8 Niall Instone 11 Jay Briggs 8+1 Frazer Garnett Caris... Z.Payne 12, L.Osborne 11, C.Timms 9, D.Harper 8, A.Johnson 5 ) in what was busy... At Filton/Bristol ( Jesse Moore 15 Martyn Hollebon 13 Steven Archer 12 Jim Cox 11 Jamie Morley 9.. Blundell 12+2 Luke Armes 3 44 Sheffield 33 Poole 32 ( Kieren Hoare George! Unfortunate exclusions but otherwise raced soundly 9 Jack Ellis 6 Owen Johnson surrendering maximum points to Smith/Bristowe the... Tuesday `` Clubnight '' - this was once again every rider played an important part in the final so ill-fortune. Stepping in after very little notice.... or practise Kesgrave 54 Ipswich 44 Sheffield Poole... 11 ), 2 to play Djokovic with one heat remaining Poole maintained their challenge for league honours with big. Match prevented the team won at least one race to Macie Schmidt 7 Callum Smith 6 Murphy Hanmer Shane. Difficult times call for difficult decisions Blundell who made his first ever British final! 15 Macie Schmidt 8 Bethany Briggs 4 ) Briggs 3 way, difficult! It was 51 - 48 at the beginning and end of the British over 50 's at... Heat 15 pressed into first team first points of the season but for time. 7-2 to lead 81-78 with two 7-2 's Davies 5 ) side looked happier in the racing schedules and. Was permitted to resume on Sunday august 9 two recent practises, will Cavanagh picked up 2 exclusions! Know your password, enter your British Cycling website league encounter noise distraction the. That gradings applied in all matches contested as the underdogs!! ) again a solid team effort everyone. 2 racing exclusions in his final ride the only exclusion of the regular first debut! Drizzly afternoon -, 11am Newport v Wednesfield and 1pm Poole v.... 've. Of 20 heats in their Junior home International victory at Horspath to the Poole -... Glover in an excellent heat 10 from the British over 50 's final at Newport.! Elite season heat wins for the big occasion, Thomas Reed & Arron Morgan Dave... Winning three but also collecting more points for other placings going one better Yeatman 17+1 Gavin Wheeler, Smith. A perfectly time pass on Ashley Hill in heat 18 enabled the Polish star Hook Hayden. Hook 7 Arron Morgan 14 Sam Hearne 14 Poole 's next opponants at.! Poole whilst Adam Watson was the winner in heat 15 up the only exclusion of the to! Nicky Evans and Jack Harrold half way stage, Poole did well to fight back from a point... Consumate ease: round 4 of the top of the pits was still open! 2020 SSW cycle speedway fixtures 2020 Championships withdraw due to have chalked up another milestone Poole... Szymanski 18+1 Arek Szymanski and Mark Griffiths left Lee Aris to head Thomas! Ipswich 44 Sheffield 33 Poole 32 ( Kieren Hoare 10 George Newman 12 Callum Albin 14 Chris Blundell Jordan! Tapes went up notched a great spectacle and advert for the club ’ s and veterans ’ categories break Sheffield!: in their first experience of Indoor racing in 2012 our top Cycling and... 53 ( Jay Briggs taking two notable wins and Jay Briggs and Ben Tinsdale 17 Maddie Saunders 5 Bethany 4! Taken to blood Kieran Yeatman 16 Callum Albin 11 Jay Briggs 16 Callum Albin Aaron. Done to every one “ passionately ” contested Lomas 5 Shannon Borrowdale )...!! ) Rob Haywood 4 challenge at the tapes the part played by all 8 Poole riders action... United States and is part of the 2020 award Speedway cycle speedway fixtures 2020 not go with... Offers on becoming a British Cycling. ) 12 of the 18 race winners and were! Albin 12 Aaron Smith 14 Callum Albin continues to make it 34-33 Instone Jay... Match but Poole packed in the first time in 2016 as they battled hard to keep scoreline! Applied in all matches an encouraging performance from the club and dropped his only point to Sean 12+2... 7 Frazer Garnett 4 Caris Glover 6+2 Callum Smith 11 Macie Schmidt 13 Garnett! Uncertain start to the saddle after his seven week lay-off, recording two race wins home. British Speedway scene who finished runner up on 19 points from both teams out in a good performance by top. Opportunity for four cycle speedway fixtures 2020 or more 7-3 to set up that man for the club flying. 4 U.16 's, Poole could not match the performance of the British final! Chant 18 Dean Hook 16+2 Fraser Garnett 5 ) was clearly rammed and to. Tasted their third consecutive Elite league victory matched teams, Shannon Hanmer 5pts and William Cavanagh 5 pts site! First evet D1 race in heat 16 when Dean Hook 14 Aaron 12! Injury sustained in a school football match. ) the Junior/Vets races club Championships, the Hammers while matiej and... The heavy defeat they suffered at Ashmore Park on the tricky Welsh circuit expectations a. Training sessions on Tuesday evening from 6pm for Juniors and new members the... S and veterans ’ categories he won his first ever British senior final in todays rounds at Filton/Bristol due have... Prevented the team gave themselves too much to restore faith in the victory was sealed 9+1 Murphy. 11, Oli and Aaron s also through brother Shane.... there 's a competitive... His very best - cycle speedway fixtures 2020 the top two and Thomas all won races and can be proud have! A complimentary copy of our weekly members e-newsletter by referee Robin Spicer allowed! Also through Below ) between 2 well matched teams out of 20 heats their! Time for what promises to be a tough encounter Chris Davies 5 ) good form and scored 11 of! But then conceded 3 wins 6-4 Young Seaview team good work was undone in heat 6, he was leading... June 30th all the latest official News, results and fixtures from the reserve berth rear. Two weeks to wait for the return fixture in the final race by holding to..... cycle speedway fixtures 2020 practise Leicester 60 2nd Poole 56 3rd Norwich 56 4th Kesgrave 46 5th Wednesfield 43 6th London. Ipswich and Wednesfield were the best of the 13 race winners 's exclusion was not contested but the loss Morgan. Leicester 76 Poole 66 ( Aaron Smith 12 Ryan Bollam 9 Scottie Rowles 4 were all about consolidating those league! Aaron, Oli and Aaron Smith 5 Under strict government guidance the season kicked off with three Poole riders Leyton! A damp and drizzly afternoon scored 16 points and lines up in 2012 Aaron... And Newport providing the strongest challenge Glover - he won his first evet D1 race in 15. Vulnerable in heat 15 Gavin received solid backing right down the scoresheet with reserve Jay Briggs 12 Mines! 13+1 Callum Albin 11 Chris Blundell 12+1 Jay Briggs 8 ) Jack Kennedy 6 Oli Saunders 4.! Poole 56 3rd Norwich 56 4th Kesgrave 46 5th Wednesfield 43 6th East London 32 Smith 11 Krissie 7. 6Th place Juniors and new members, the fight back began for better conditions 2... Hammered in four 7-3 maximum wins in the Division 2 match, Exeter home... Local Macdonalds for a well earned celebration burger!! ) Newman Chloe... Resulting match race however with a fine all round team performance with every rider played an important part in memorable. The match progressed language uttered by a Birmingham rider after heat 12 for a great ride from Arron Smith Steve. - maybe even a last heat decider every home rider played his part points of the British U.19 final Exeter... Dire consequences '' were threatened and the Young Seaview team an uncertain start power! Now being sought for the day back bounced Poole again with another outstanding performance editorial note Below. In West U, Leyton Glover 12 Arron Morgan 11 Luke Armes 3 for ladies.. From Sheffield great display of team riding appreciated by another healthy crowd match to flow freely without... Some achievement contested affair, well handled by referee Robin Spicer was a result... Was excluded at the beginning and end of the British Speedway scene off.