Directions: From LA and east of Agoura- exit the 101 at Chesebro Rd and turn right at the top of the ramp (Palo Comado Rd). Turn right (east) into the Cheeseboro Canyon Trailhead and entrance road. Password help ... Cheeseboro/Palo Comado Canyons Hiking. OR. The trail also goes through Cheeseboro Canyon and includes the Palo Comado Canyon Trail and the Hillcrest Open Space. The trail drops another 0.2 mile into Palo Comado Canyon to a T-junction, marking the start of the loop. Conejo Valley Guide. This trail is fire road width for the first mile and a half and then turns to singletrack for the last mile. Cheeseboro Canyon Trail - Easy fire road through grasslands.. Cheeseboro Ridge Trail - Rolling fire road with great views.. Sulphur Springs Trail - Double-track through chaparral. This new loop hike heads up the undeveloped Palo Comado Canyon parallel to a stream bed and the adjacent meadows. 44 Miles 71 Kilometers of Trail 2 Recommended Routes 3 Easy Trails ; 6 Intermediate Trails ... 6.1 mi 9.7 km #6 Palo Comado Canyon Trail. Palo Comado Canyon… View On Date Wednesday, 04 Jun 2008 9:00 AM Join us for a 7 mile/700 ft elevation gain hike in the Simi Hills and northern section of the Santa Monica Mountains. The Plan: We’ll start at the Palo Comado Canyon – Doubletree Trailhead (coordinates: 34.182480,-118.751785) and head about for 1/2 mile along the Doubletree Connector Trail, we’ll then turn left and head along the Palo Comado canyon trail. It is a broad singletrack (sometimes a doubletrack) that connects Palo Comado Canyon Trail at one of the hight points of Palo Comado Ridge to the upper Cheeseboro parking area. Just a smidgen of color off of the Palo Comado Trail in Agoura Hills. Bing Maps has a collection of great trails with directions to trail heads as well as photos. The trail is located at 34.19353688, -118.7752289 (latitude & longitude) in California, Southern California, Santa Monica Mountains NRA, Cheeseboro/Palo Comado Canyons. We’ll follow the Palo Comado Trail south and then east as it bends to connect with the Modelo Trail (~1,300’) which we’ll follow southward along a ridge until it drops down to the trailhead parking lot. The trail is 4.1 Miles (6.5 Kilometers) Singletrack in length with 7% Avg Grade (4°) and 23% Max Grade (13°). Palo Comado Overlook out and back: Cheeseboro Canyon to Sheep Corral Trail, left to the Palo Comado overlook, then return the same way (10.3 miles; 1090' elevation gain) Intermediate Palo Comado loop: Cheeseboro Canyon trail to Sheep Corral Trail , left to Palo Comado , right on Modelo Trail to the parking lot ( 10.4 miles ; 1410' elevation gain ) The southern section of the Palo Comado Trail has rolling hills with some beautiful views, but is a bit on steep side. Ranch Center Trail is a 1.2 mile trail through Palo Comado and Cheeseboro Canyons (NPS). Palo Comado and Cheeseboro Canyons - Palo Comado Canyon Trail is a 2.8 mile (6,500-step) route located near Oak Park, California, USA. The hike through Palo Comado Canyon is on an old ranch road which we will use going and returning. The Cheeseboro Ridge Trail also parallels the CCT and seems to be favored by cyclists with its long, rolling hills, though distance runners also will enjoy this trail. Intermediate. Travel to the end of the entrance road. Connect with Facebook. Turn right onto Chesebro Road at the 4-way stop sign and head north approx. We’ll start at the Palo Comado Canyon – Doubletree Trailhead (coordinates: 34.182480,-118.751785) and head east for 1/2 mile along the Doubletree Connector Trail. It can be accessed by bicycle. Next Generation Hiking Trail Maps. This route has an elevation gain of about 492 ft and is rated as medium. The trailhead for Cheeseboro is in the northeast corner of the dirt parking lot, right next to the large map and restroom. Yesterday at 8:24 PM. It’s also the perfect … There is absolutely NO POISON OAK along this trail. Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites . Today's hike takes us on a counter-clockwise loop into Cheeseboro Canyon and across the head of that canyon back into Palo Comado. In 0.4 miles you reach the Palo Comado Trail. Though it's long, you'll stick with it nearly five miles and all the way to the top of the ridgeline. It can be accessed by bicycle. The China Flat Trail Is A Steep Hike With Awesome, Panoramic Views Of Simi Valley, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, And Westlake Village. OR. OR. It was nice. Log In. Terrain: Trail and road Time: 3 ½ hours Trailhead: Sunny Crest Drive. The best trail run is a counter-clockwise lap that goes up Cheeseboro Canyon and descends Palo Comado Canyon. Then we’ll head west on the Sheep Corral Trail as it rises to an overlook (1,693’) of Palo Comado Canyon. The trail heads east from the parking lot past the restrooms. Head north on Palo Comado Canyon Road. 1 mi. Cheeseboro Canyon Trail 4.6 miles, easy- Follow an old ranch road along a streambed through a valley oak savannah and coast live oak riparian zone. Both hikes will depart from trail head at 9:30 AM Bring field glasses! Palo Comado Canyon Trail is a 5.4 mile trail through Palo Comado and Cheeseboro Canyons (NPS). Explore more in our professional, high quality trail … There's also the Anza Loop trail in Calabasas and, off Lost Hills Road, Juan Bautista de Anza Park. Cheeseboro Canyon Trail (CCT) is a 4.6 mile, fairly easygoing main artery into the park, whereas the 4.4 mile Palo Comado Canyon Trail, which largely parallels the CCT, is much more challenging. We’ll turn left and head north along the Palo Comado for about 1 mile. The Flat Is Perched On The West Side Of Palo Comado Canyon Beneath The Shadows Of Simi Peak, The Highest Peak In The Simi Hills. Turn right and follow the wide Palo Comado trail south for 0.8 mile in and out of pockets of oak woodland. The loop from the lower parking lot at Chesebro Canyon up Palo Comado Canyon to China Flat, back down to Sheep Corral Trail, and down Chesebro Canyon is between 10 and 12 miles. Palo Comado Canyon Trail. Palo Comado Canyon Trail - Fire road through grasslands and scrub.. Sheep Corral Trail - Wide single-track connects Sulphur Springs to Palo Comado. From the 101, take the exit for Chesebro Road. From Double Tree, follow the trail up a brief incline and down into the canyon. To start, you'll head up the Palo Comado Canyon Trail. Moderate with some short challenges. Start at the parking lot for the Cheeseboro Trail System. Discover trails like Cheeseboro Palo Comado Canyons California, find information like trail length, elevation, difficulty, activities, and nearby businesses. Agoura, CA 7 1.2 mi 1.9 km #7 Modelo Trail. Chose from 2, 4 or 6 Hour races. Discover trails like Palo Comado Canyon Trail California, find information like trail length, elevation, difficulty, activities, and nearby businesses. Saturday, March 7, 2015 ~ Palo Comado 2-4-6 Trail races. Intermediate. Cheeseboro- Comado Canyons Chug, located near Agoura Hills, California is a 10.7 mile mountain biking trail with a top elevation of 1728 feet. Agoura, CA Intermediate. Find the best walking trails near you in Pacer App. Recommended Routes in Cheeseboro/Palo Comado Canyons - 1 Trail Run Project is built by runners like you. Turn left and make your way north through the canyon, where your scenery includes some of the taller peaks in the area, some old oaks and some interesting geology. For more information visit: Stay connected to race updates and announcements on Facebook. Trail Profile Back to the Top [2] Modelo Trail T2.5 [3] Modelo C onnector T2.5 Description The Modelo Trail provides a convenient way to get from Palo Comado Canyon to the start of Cheeseboro Canyon Trail. There may be some along the Solo or Relay for 6 Hour race. Jan 11, 2019 Palo Comado Canyon Trail Trail Report; Palo Comado Canyon Trail (Cheeseboro Canyon) Significant Issue / Amber; Variable - some wet spots, or some dusty spots but overall good conditions; Mountain Bike Reporter Primary Activity; Major erosion above lookout point to China Flat. This week the hike will be and out and back on fire road. The northern section of the trail, about a mile or so above the Doubletree trailhead, is also a moderately grueling climb, from 1,200 feet to 2,140 feet elevation at the China Flat area. This part will be common to both groups. Cheeseboro Bike Trails. I made my way up a trail for a short walk. I made a stop at Cheeseboro/Palo Comado Canyon yesterday. Hike will … Palo Comado Canyon Trail. Go through the first parking lot to the second one. China Flat Trail, Cheeseboro/Palo Comado Canyons Trail and Hiking Information. The canyons tend to be hotter than the weather stations report, as there are no stations in the park. Plan: We’ll start at the Palo Comado Canyon – Doubletree Trailhead (coordinates: 34.182480,-118.751785) and head about for 1/2 mile along the Doubletree Connector Trail, we’ll then turn left and head along the Palo Comado loop around the canyon and begin our loop. Cheeseboro/Palo Comado Canyons Biking. Passing along the backside of several ranches, the trail is a flat oak and savanna woodland. OAK PARK - Palo Comado Canyon in the Simi hills near Agoura is a wildlife corridor between the Santa Monica and Santa Susana Mountains. This trail ends at the Palo Comado Connector Trail where you can turn right to travel east towards Cheeseboro Canyon, or left to travel west towards Palo Comado Canyon. Turn right almost immediately onto Chesebro Rd and drive .7 mile to the park entrance, on the right (right after the equestrian field). Sign Up or Log In. Sign Up. The first mile or so is very pleasant and easy going. Palo Comado Canyon is a north-south canyon with its upper origin at China Flat in the Simi Hills. The trail skirts the boundary of the park and begins to head east, making a steady ascent to a ridge that separates the two canyons. Bing Maps has a collection of great trails with directions to trail heads as well as photos. Gamestop at The Oaks mall is closing soon. Palo Comado Connector 1.5 miles, moderate-Travel this old ranch road across the ridge and through a section of Modelo Shale to reach either Cheeseboro or Palo Comado Canyons. Heading over a windy, up-and-down ridge, the trail connects with the Palo Comado Connector which in turn leads to the Palo Comado Canyon Trail.